Glads Fine Art Print

Glads Fine Art Print

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If there was an Olympic event for moaning, I think the British would have a pretty good chance of at least one place on the podium.

But there’s so much to be thankful for in this country.

On one of the worst days of my friend Tom’s life, the day he knew for certain that his wife Emma was dying, he found twenty things to be glad about.


The worst day of his life, but he still found twenty good things to appreciate that day. He wrote them all down.

I don’t know why this photograph fills me with such optimism. It seems to signify hope. It fills me with appreciation of our green and pleasant land.

Even though there are many millions of us on this island, there are spaces and places we can go to find peace. Sometimes those places are within us, and sometimes they’re without. A woodland. A church. A riverside. The sea. The bathroom. The shed.

Another friend calls these things to be grateful about ‘glads’.

What are your glads today? Why not find a peaceful space, and write them down.

Photographed at dusk in Oversley Woods, Warwickshire. Fine Art Giclée Limited Edition Print on gorgeous textured Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Available as a standard-sized 12x16" (305x406mm) print, which is what I print for exhibitions, or a 16"x24" (406x309mm) print which makes for a very large statement piece, once mounted.