The Holloway Fine Art Print

The Holloway Fine Art Print

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Walking down

An ancient pathway

For people’s feet

For sheep’s feet

For cattle’s feet

Ground down Into the ground

Hedges tall

On either side.

The Holloway.


In the words of the brilliant natural history writer Robert Macfarlane:

“Holloway - an ancient sunken path, harrowed down into landscape by centuries of rainfall, wheel-run, hoof-hit & foot-fret. Where trees reach & clasp over a holloway, it feels more ghostly green time-slip tunnel than an open path.”

Macfarlane is so right about the time-slip nature of such paths.

Part of the fact they’re so old, and so enclosed, quieter than the fields around.

They’re like a magical, sinuous grotto, stretching both ways into the past.

Photographed at an old farm, in deepest Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Fine Art Giclée Limited Edition Print on gorgeous textured Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Available as a standard-sized 12x16" (305x406mm) print, which is what I print for exhibitions, or a 16"x24" (406x309mm) print which makes for a very large statement piece, once mounted.