abstract impressionist photograph of trees at dusk looking like tiger stripes thus called tiger woods taken in oversleep woods warwickshire by charlie budd the tall photographer

Tiger Woods Fine Art Print

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Walking back


Green tiger stripes

Of gloaming woodland

Tread carefully

Twigs crack

There are no tigers in England

Are there?


So much of our British woodland has been ripped out over the centuries, to feed our burgeoning population.

What remains has been selectively managed by human hand - thus all ancient woodland in this entire sceptred isle is called ‘semi-natural’.

It can be difficult to find true wildness in our woodland.

But at dusk, when the light fades, and the human-made paths and tree stumps blur and blend into the gloom, then that ancient, magical connection to nature can once again pour through our minds and bodies.

Photographed at dusk in Oversley Woods, Warwickshire.

Fine Art Giclée Limited Edition Print on gorgeous textured Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Available as a standard-sized 12x16" (305x406mm) print, which is what I print for exhibitions, or a 16"x24" (406x309mm) print which makes for a very large statement piece, once mounted.