Blue Lagoon Fine Art Print

Blue Lagoon Fine Art Print

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The Blue Lagoon Pembrokeshire

Wales, wet, windy. Very.

‘The Blue Lagoon is quite spectacular’ my brother Nick had told me.

He’d lived nearby.

‘We’re staying in the car,’ My Darling Jules and her best friend Margaret informed us.

So Bob, Margaret’s hardy husband, and I donned 90% waterproof coats to go with our 0% waterproof jeans and trudged through the deluge.

I waved my camera about, loving every minute.

Bob didn’t.

Photographed in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Fine Art Giclée Print on gorgeous textured Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Available as a standard 12x16" (305x406mm) print, which is what I print for exhibitions, or a 16"x24" (406x309mm) print which makes for a very large statement piece, once mounted.