Tolkienian Doorway Fine Art Print

Tolkienian Doorway Fine Art Print

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It can’t be proven that JRR Tolkien used this door as inspiration for the entrance to Moria in his little pamphlet ‘Lord of the Rings’.

But it’s certainly very similar, and Tolkien did used to drink with his brother in Moreton-in-Marsh, just ten minutes away from this church.

Draw your own conclusions.

Imagine, if you will, knocking at the door.

It opens with a well-oiled whisper, and the clear, grey eyes of a woodland elf pierce your soul as she says ‘Sorry, we needeth no brushes todaye’.

Or perhaps it’s just the vicar, saying ‘Hurrah! You’re just in time for sherry!’

In real life, this door is the north entrance to St. Edward’s Church in Stow-on-the-Wold.

The two resplendent yew trees wouldn’t be allowed to be planted so close to a building these days.

Building regs and all that.

Photographed in Stow-on-theWold. Gloucestershire.

Fine Art Giclée Print on gorgeous textured Hahnemühle German Etching paper.

Available as a standard 12x16" (305x406mm) print, which is what I print for exhibitions, or a 16"x24" (406x309mm) print which makes for a very large statement piece, once mounted.